Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rothenburg Day 4

We decided to travel to Rothenburg yesterday, and then down what is known as the Romantic Road. We got on the autobahn for about 5 minutes and I thought we were going to die. Mark was going about 180 k/h or 110 mph. And we were going slow. Then we realized we had to get off at the next exit and I was sure I was going to die. But I was wrong. It's just very scary to go that fast and then exit. Nuts!
After the death road we got on a highway that took us through a bunch of smaller towns. Each one was like a postcard. In fact, looking through my pictures of the past two days I don't think there was a bad one in the bunch.

Each town has their church, and they are all very impressive structures.
We got to Rothenburg not really knowing what to expect. My friend and former guide Robert told me this would be a good place to visit. He was right! I LOVE Rothenburg! We got to the city and went through a gate where no people were at all. On the other side of the gate was a huge stairway up to the city wall, so naturally we climbed it and walked along the city wall.
Here is the staircase up close. The steps were very worn.
This is where we came down.

And here is a city street with a church steeple at the end of it.
The city hall. We climbed to the top of the belltower, but Mark was too chicken to pull the rope. So was I, I guess, since I didn't do it.

The town square.
The view of the from the Castle grounds.

The Caslte gate. The little door was opened at night to let only one person in at a time. One very little person.

This is the caslte gate wall. Guess what the weird face thing on the front is for? Really, they did have these holes to pour boiling pitch on unwanted guests!

A more picturesque view of the Castle gate wall.


The podium where the priest stands to sermonize.
The windows in the middle were made in the 1300s, and the ones on the right and left were made in the 1400s.
We only got to see a very small bit of the city, because we wanted to get to Fussen before nightfall. Our goal was to leave Rothenburg before 3. We finally drove out of the town at 4:15. The drive to Fussen was awesome, too, but now it's time to end this entry.


Parkinson Family said...

I can't believe my own sister wrote "warn" instead of "worn". That's the type of blunder you never live down in this family.
You have seen and walked around in buildings, even whole towns, that are over 700 years old. Do you have any idea how cool that makes you? You still should have brought me, though.

Grandma said...

You got to see my castle. There were two things I wanted to see while we were there. Neuschanstein and Versaille. The road was closed to the castle and at versaille the workers were on strike. I'm jealous. I hope you brought a brochure from there. I'm glad you get to see all that.