Thursday, March 10, 2011

Liechtenstein and Switzerland Day 6

I really went to Liechtenstein! It's smaller than Utah county, and it's really beautiful.
We wanted to go see the castle in Liechtenstein, but the monarch (The Furst with dots over the u) still lives there. Quite a house! And there are houses (real ones) next door to the castle.
We wanted to stop to look at the church but all the roads were closed and when we finally found a parking spot, we came upon this;
But we did get to the church after the parade passed by.

In Switzerland the clouds really came in. We couldn't see much, but we went through Walenstadt to Lake Walensee. This is all of the view we got while there, but we got to feed Swiss ducks and swans, and Mark made a friend with a cute little dog that wanted him to play fetch. There are a lot of people out walking their dogs all around this area they call Bavaria, and the dogs are super well trained! This dog's owner talked to us a bit while Mark continued to throw the stick for the dog. Very fun!

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