Thursday, March 10, 2011

Austria Day 6

After the castles in Southern Germany, we went for a drive through Austria, Lichtenstein and Switzerland. It was a very misty day, but within 15 minutes we saw the best sight of the day. Ehrnburg Catle was built in the early 1200s, and used through the 1700s. The outer wall was built in 1733, which is what we got to first on our hike.

The view inside the wall.

There were 2 of these round buildings. One said it had been used to store munitions, the other had no indication what it was used for, but looked like it may still be in use today.

There were castle ruins on almost every hilltop. This was such an amazing drive. Even with the mist the Alps were beautiful. And there were these little cabins everywhere. We never did ask what they were for. They were in every field we passed.

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