Sunday, September 23, 2012


We love fall.  We love the colors and love to go find beautiful leaves and bring them home.  That's what we did today after the Brigham City Temple dedication.  Mark is a much better photographer than I, but somehow I usually get the camera.  He got the colors better than I did.  I'm talking about the leaves, not Spencer's beautiful blue hair.
Even with blue hair, I still like him! 

 Then Spencer found a snake and that always makes for a fun day.
 We found a really nice rocky spot.  Perfect for the three (mostly) grown-up kids.
 Here is my favorite person.  I like him a lot!

 A pretty picture place. 
 Ah, isn't Joe nice!

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

That's really what this event was called at the Spanish Fork Airport.  It was pretty fun.  We saw a helicopter race a police car, and the police car won.  We saw a flour sack bomb competition, and I believe the old Curtis (it has no flaps, just a solid wing) won.  There were a bunch of great old cars and airplanes, but the trains were pretty much non-existent.  
And Tara found her favorite car, and her favorite airplane. 

Mark, the Fresh Water Pirate

Yep, that's our duck, George, on Mark's shoulder.

This is the day we took our ducks to the pond where there are many other ducks.  Mark was very sad to have his little friends go.  We did get to be pretty good friends.  Now when we go visit them, they eat whatever we have and run away.  Sad.

Here they are with one of their new friends.