Thursday, May 13, 2010

Backwards posts.

There are a bunch of new posts. They begin at the "sheesh" post. Go there first.

And the most greatest thing!

Tara's Graduation! Wahoo!

She graduated from Utah State University on Saturday, May 8.

This is taken with my camera from the back of the arena. Nickell took better pictures, and I think Tara is posting those. It really did happen though!
I'm so old!!

On Mother's Day . . .

. . . we got to talk to Spencer! He sounds like he loves Brazil and all the missionary-ish things. He really likes his companion, and he says the language is coming along just great. He told us of some food items that we have to perfect before he gets home so last night we tried our first. Coxinha. There should be some squiggly lines over some of the letters, and I'm sure when you say it, it sounds something like "bubble". Here are the pics of Tara and me giving this one a try.

They are tear drop (or drumstick) shaped deep fried dumpling like things with chicken and cream cheese in them. I think, though, that we need to work on this a little more. I did not find them as tasty as Spencer made them out to be.
But they looked great!

And Last Thursday . . .

Mark decided to go and have a birthday. This was his inferno . . . uh, I mean cake, that we had with the Blairs while watching the worst Lost episode ever. There was so much smoke after he blew out the candles that we had to leave the room. The cake was still good, though.

For his Birthday (and Father's day, and Christmas, and possibly his next 20 birthdays), Mark bought himself a boat, so I bought him a sailors cap. Maybe someday he will graduate to captain. He has to get me to the right location to catch a big fish first, though.
I like Mark!

And while we were selling them . . .

. . . four more hatched! For real! There are only 3 new ones in this picture, since we moved the newest new one into the tank just this morning. This is getting to be pretty fun! What a great idea for these boys to leave their lizards for me while they are gone. It keeps me very busy!

Sheesh! Where do I start?

What a crazy life! Tons of things have been going on, so I'll just blog one at a time. First, the easy one. We sold these three little guys to Jay's Jungle and it was so sad! We liked all of them, but had a special love for the littlest. He was so cute! Actually we went to Jay's last night to "buy crickets" (really it was to see how they were doing. They are doing great!)

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Holly, Shannon, Leah and I went to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Pointe today. It was snowing when I woke up, which didn't make me want to go so much, but I am glad we went! So pretty and so much fun! Here is Shannon posing for a faery-like picture in a very Taraesque manner. She is so much fun - she just loves everything!

And this is some of the scenery. It was a cool day and it did sprinkle on us a bit, but mostly it was just great to be outside in a beautiful place.

There was a very fun Children's Discovery Park with a Xylophone made of wooden blocks, a sandbox, pieces of stumps cut up to be building blocks, little ships to float down the river and a tunnel to crawl through. This picture was taken especially to send to Spencer.

We also saw a nesting goose and . . . this! Can you tell what it is? I'll tell you at the end.

But the last picture is my new favorite picture. So pretty.

ps. it's a Great Horned Owl.