Saturday, September 7, 2013

Colleen and Earl's 60th party

We got no good pictures of anyone at the party, so I'm going to post what we did get.  And Mark may be fired as the photographer. 
This is Brody, now married and with 2 kids, a girl and a boy.
 This is Angie, married with 3 kids, a boy and two girls.
The back of Earl's head and a tiny bit of Colleen's face. 
Here is the back of Amanda's head, dancing with her hubby.  They have 4 daughters. 
Colleen dancing with Angie's hubby. 
 Here is Troy and his girlfriend.  Ainsleigh was in Newfoundland, so she wasn't able to be at the party.
And that's what we got.  But this was a super fun night, and such a great thing to reconnect with old friends.  We spent several hours the next morning at breakfast with Colleen and Earl and made more great memories with them.

Glaciers and other fun stuff

After going to some of the most beautiful places in the world, we decided to go farther north and walk on a glacier.  This is the glacier from below.  There are three stair to this glacier and we walked on the bottom one.  We got there by . . .
 . . . this.  This is an ice bus.  It has 6 wheel drive and some massive tires to grip the ice and keep it from sliding.  Good thing, too, because the slope that the driver took us down was steeper than any road I have driven on in San Francisco or Vancouver.  Very cool.
When we finished riding the bus, the driver told us it was her second tour ever.  I'm glad she waited until we were finished driving with her!
 Here is a view from the glacier
Video of the glacier.
Later that same day . . . 
. . . we saw a bear friend on the side of a road.   
 Then we went to the Takakkaw falls that Mark once saw in a book, and really wanted to see.  This is it.  Very pretty, and it's pretty fun to say, too. 
I had to get an artistic picture of it, too. 
And finally, our last stop in the mountains was to Lake Moraine.  And I must say it was the most beautiful of all. 
That blue is what color it really is.  Just amazing, and surrounded by 10 peaks.