Saturday, September 5, 2009

Josh's Baptism

Ahhh, aren't they cute? These two brave boys let us sleep in the beds while they took the couch and floor. Alex, Josh and Emma even slept on the floor the night before their first day of school. What nice people! Thanks, guys! Your beds were great! We had a really great baptism on Sunday, August 22. This was the scene just before we went to the church. Actually, this is what my house looks like a lot of the time, only replace Grandpa with Spencer. What would we ever do without our computers?
Spencer baptised and confirmed Josh, and I am so glad he got to do that. He really was worried about doing this but did a great job, and look! Josh is all official now! They are two great looking lads, aren't they?
We all had lots of fun taking pictures. It was fun to take pictures and not be in them. Look at all these people who come for Josh!
I have to say this was probably my favorite thing. Joshua and Nico became fast friends very quickly. They are so much alike! It was so entertaining to listen to the conversations they had, and a little bit hard not to bust out laughing! I love these guys!
Lori and Zach also became very good friends. Zach pretty much went to Lori whenever he wanted anything. It didn't take him very long to find that she couldn't tell him no. All he had to do was smile at her with those huge puppydog eyes, and she gave in. And he knew where to find the treats! Super cute!

Zach's Ice Cream Dance

This is just pretty funny, and he was dancing like this the whole time he ate the ice cream.

San Antonio

On August 22, Mark, Spencer and I went down to San Antonio, TX. I have never been in Texas for any real amount of time. This was a very fun trip . . . mostly. Everything but the accident. I'm going to leave that one for Amy to tell.

It really is a beautiful city, and it was very warm so it was just right for me.

In this picture we are all sitting on a little boat that goes along the river walk. This is an amazing part of the city with great restaurants (I'm told) and beautiful landscaping, and since there is a bit of water here, it's not too hot.

Once we got off the boat, Mark and Spencer and I walked around downtown and visited some of the old buildings. This is . . . ummm . . . art? I think? Maybe it has some meaning, but we never got close enough to read what the artist intended, and I sure am not artistic enough to figure it out on my own. It's kinda neat, though.
You can't go to San Antonio and not visit the Alamo. Honestly,my first impression was, "They all died for this?" It's a pretty small building with a pretty short wall around it. Even when I saw the diarama I was a bit underwhelmed. But they did not fight for the buildings, they fought to make Texas a part of the country even when they knew there was no help coming and they would all die. Pretty impressive. Phil Collins is apparently a fan of the Alamo, and has donated certain items to the museum. But the best part of all was Davy Crockett's hair. They really have it! We could clone him, if we wanted to! How cool would that be? (Maybe not) Zach wasn't so sure of Mark at first, but they became pretty good buddies.