Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Germany - Day 1

Really, all you have to do is see the pictures to know I had a great day yesterday.
These old buildings were mostly restored after WWII since the old part of Nurnberg was mostly flattened.

But some of the original structures still exist.

and are super cool.

I had a hard time even getting myself in a picture, so when I finally did, I didn't much care what I looked like. But here's proof that I'm in Germany.


Barry Lauritzen said...

Well, this trip was a well-kept secret. I had no idea you were going to Europe. What is the occasion? Which countries will you visit. I know you also visited Paris. Which did you like best?

Jeny said...

I visited the Paris airport. Not very exciting, so I'd have to say I like Germany better. Mark has a trade show and I just came along with him for fun. Beginning on Saturday we will be driving around the Austrian alps through Lichtenstein into Switzerland, then back to Nurnberg to catch our plane home. I will get to visit the Paris airport at that time as well. I imagine it will still be pretty boring. But Nurnberg is very neat!

mindy said...

That is so cool! I love all the history. Have a great time!

Amy said...

GREEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!! When will you be in Austria? Maybe I'll meet you there.

Jeny said...

heading to Austria tomorrow. Where shall we meet?

Amy said...

How about the von Trapp house?