Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nurnberg Day 3

I like the castle (with flags) and church steeples in the background of this picture. We will go see the castle when we get back to Nurnberg next week.

This is the inside of Lorenzkirche. It is the tallest and most ornate of the churches in the old town. This window and most of this end of the church were left standing, damamged, but did not have to be completely rebuilt. The other half of the church was demolished.

This is the part of the church that had to be rebuilt. Mark is standing there so you have some idea of the size of this huge church.

Here we have some nice scenery. I keep thinking, "This would be a great place for Nickell to do bridals!".

A little coffee shop with a tower. Pretty cool. And that is Mark walking in front of me.
This is The Church of Our Lady, and is just about the most gaudy church I have ever seen. There are statues above the front door on the outside that I think are going to dance around like our cuckoo clock did. I just haven't seen it yet.

This is the entry area to the Church of Our Lady.

The streets in the old town are mostly cobblestone, and there are cool old buildings everywhere. Most of them had to be rebuilt after the war, so a lot of the buildings are newer with pieces of older buildings next to them.
This one is for Tara. She likes cute bathroom signs.
And, yes we went to McDonalds. We did it for Andrew who think McDs in Europe is the best in the world. It tasted exactly the same to me. By the way, KFC in Germany isn't much different, either. Somehow I have to get Mark to enjoy some local culture.

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Barry Lauritzen said...

How very fun and educational. I sincerely wish that I could be there with you. Bring us back a memento.