Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Surgery

Spencer's surgery went really well this morning.  Here are his before and after pictures.
 Before - the big dip
 Right after.  Spencer was talking and laughing - gently
 After - most of the dip is gone.
Looking' good-ish.

If you are interested, and weird like I think you are, here is a youtube video of someone having this done.  You are going to love when they smack the bar into the chest wall!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to Me!!

There are some days that are OK, and some that are really good.  Today was pretty darn good.  I woke up early and ordered the last thing I will need to order for the wedding (yes, on Sunday, and yes, on Mother's day).  Now I think I can relax.  Except I though that yesterday, too, and then I remembered the lights.  But back to today.
The young men and women took over primary for us today, and I got to go to Sunday School with Mark.  That was a treat!  Relief Society only lasted an hour, and then I got to go home. When I got here, Spencer was here and had a suspicious . . . well, this.

At first I asked him if he was giving me the gift of silence for Mother's Day, and then my brain started thinking.  And I was right!  He gave me this!
No more nasty beard!  YAY!  At least until after the wedding.  Ah, doesn't he look nice! OK, try to imagine him without a silly, "I'm trying to look silly" expression.  Then he will look nice.

Tara and Joe came over, and when I tried to go into the kitchen to be chatty with them, they yelled me out.  For real.  Then they gave me this.

It was actually a lot more than this at first.  YUM!!!

Mark gave me this, and a spa pass.  I've never done that before, so it should be a good thing.  A friend and I get to go enjoy that after the wedding.
Joe is super excited to watch all the leading ladies with me.  He loves old movies.  That is sarcasm, by the way.

Then Spencer asked what the noises were that he heard in the basement.  Since I had asked for the cat to be disposed of for Mother's Day, I thought he really had done it, and my heart began to sing ( more loudly).  He walked up the stairs with these.

Aren't they cute!!!  They are "assorted ducks" and I have wanted ducks for such a long time.  We aren't allowed to have them in our neighborhood, but I can't be expected to give away a Mother's Day gift, so I will just have to hide them the best I can.  So Cute!!!