Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I love going back to work. :(

When I got in to work today my desk was all nice and clean. The basket on my desk contained only 2 requests - please get some dusting stuff and packing tape. There were a lot of time cards to enter and that is all. I was so excited! I thought, "Wow, maybe they really don't need me here."

About 15 minutes after I got settled reality hit. Clare (my boss) put a rubbermaid bin on the floor next to my desk filled to overflowing with paperwork, mail, more time sheets, bills, etc. Seriously, it overflowed. I think it's gonna take me a week to get through the bin. Then I can start on the real work.

I just thought I would tell my family that this is how much I love you. I still felt like singing even after 10 straight hours of working my way through the top 3 inches of my bin. Seperate Ways kept me going all day long, and our many many strange family songs. Even Kites are Fun. Maybe tomorrow I'll take a short break to eat something for lunch!

Thanks for all the fun! I love you all!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Reunion - Princess Night!

This is a super fun blog posting. The Lauritzen Family Reunion was this past week, July 22-25. It was my parent's and their children and so on, so there were a lot of people, but not too many. The second night of the reunion we had a girls night in my hotel room for everyone ages 7-? whoever wanted to come watch princess movies. We had 9 girls, Amy, me, Tara and Mark. Mark loves princess movies. We watched the barbie version of "Princess and the Pauper". Great movie! Lots of action! Here was my favorite part. Most of the girls made it through the movie, but once the lights and TV were off they were out fast. Then the snore fest began.

Megan ended up sleeping on the bed with me since Kate wouldn't stop trying to use her for a matress.
Lydia (under the blanket) Melissa, Tara and Amy.

Ashley and Ella.

Trina's arm and Emma.

Rachel and Trina (with her football; we never saw her without it!).

Lydia. Most of the night she was smashed into the side of my bed by Melissa. So cute!


Megan, Kate, Ashley, Ella, Trina and Emma - Front row.
Mark's feet, Amy, Lydia, Melissa, Tara - Back row.

The girls all knew the movie pretty well. They sang along with all the songs. I tried to get better video but my camera doesn't like me.
I had a great time! Mark did, too. And he had lots to talk to the girls about for the rest of the reunion. I think he finally gets the plot of the movie now. Thanks, girls, for explaining it to him about a million times and for answering all his questions!