Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back to Rothenburg Day 7

This is probably my favorite church that we saw. It is just stunning. This is the church of a monastery in Rottenbuch that was used from the early 1000s through about 1300. The church interior was renovated now and then throughout time, and the most recent renovation was in 1750 when it was changed to look like this. The artwork was spectacular, and I just love the colors!

I can't even express how beautiful it was. The choir just took my breath away.

And Rottenbuch is just a little town. Probably smaller than Springville.

After Rottenbuch, we made our way to the autobahn (scary!) and back to Rothenburg, because we liked that town best. We started by walking along the wall again, because that was pretty cool, and look what we found. Can you guess what this is? It just hangs out over the city wall. I would think this would leave one a little too exposed for comfort, but there it is.

Below and behind the city is a church, a few houses and a nice old bridge. Here is the church, built in 1500 sometime. And Mark, built in 1964.

And here is the bridge. Built in the 1300s, and featured in Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang. The house next to the bridge is for sale, and part of the yard is under the arch of the bridge. Any takers?

And this is the castle in Rothenburg. We wanted to go in to see it, but it had already closed for the day.

After walking around a bit the church bells started. I love church bells. Enjoy.

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