Thursday, February 12, 2009

Puzzle of Death

I haven't done much for this blog lately and here is the reason why. This is what I got for Christmas, and I have been working on it since Christmas. I figure I'll be finished in about 13 years, so Spencer and Tara's kids can help me put in the last peices. This puzzle is 5000 peices, and it is on a slab of pressboard - the whole slab. When I started, the pieces were stacked 3 high and the outside edge took me 2 movies to complete - about 4 hours. Crazy!

This will be my next project, and I smile whenever I think of it. Matt and Amanda sent me this for Christmas, along with the most cool ornaments ever made! This is a puzzle (they know me well) with the box painted black so I can't see the picture. Isn't it funny?!? I love it!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Alligator book

I was finally cleaning out my file cabinets last night and look what I found! I got this book when we lived in California and I was probably about 5. I love this book (and if you could see the shape it's in, you would believe it). I also found the puzzle of me in my nightgown - well, the pieces that I have left anyway. FUN!