Monday, August 19, 2013

Christmas 2012

I guess it's time to put my Christmas blog up, since it's nearly Christmas again.  In 2012 we had a wonderful Christmas with both kids and some friends.  Let's start with graham houses.  It seems I didn't get a picture of Spencer's finished house, but he did take a long time on his yellow house.  When it got to be too long, he gave up and just sprinkled it.  It looks like I also didn't get a picture of my house, but it was spectacular.  Just imagine the greatest graham house you have ever seen.  I'm sure that's what it looked like.
Joe made a pirate ship.  The goldfish were our yearly required item, so naturally the fish were swimming.
 Tara's was a cute house, but since it's been 9 months, I can't remember how she used the fish.  I'm surprised I even remember that it was goldfish.

Mark's house kinda broke halfway through his construction.  I guess it wasn't built upon a rock.  Instead of being grumpy about it, he made a crash scene house.  The hotwheels car ran into the house.  He even made a guy hanging out of the car, and downed power lines.  He's so clever.  And cute.  I like him.
We went to the Alpine Tree farm to get our tree, and here's how it worked out.  I think this might be the highlight of the Christmas season now.  Well, beside actual Christmas of course.  Tara, Joe, Spencer and Tara's new dog, Magnus helped us find the perfect tree. The trees are super sappy and prickly, which makes the memories so much more real.  Side note, Mark has since purchased a trailer so we can more easily get our trees home.  That's really the reason he got it.
This is Spencer standing near our tree . . .
. . . and Tara, Joe and Magnus standing near theirs.  And by the look of things, we did this on December 1.  :) 
 We also got to visit Holly and Matt for a few seconds during the season.  Really, I think we spent way too little time with them.  I think that about every day.  Such cute kids! I'm pretty sure this was Leah's birthday party, but it was on the same day we got our tree, so you get to see her, too.
 Christmas Eve was spent at the Galloway's house and I got no pictures.  Silly me!  They are very fun to be with, and we ate great food, sang songs and had a wonderful time.  Then we went home, and opened our mint green pajamas, and had more fun.
Naturally, Magnus was a part of it all.  He really is pretty cute, and about double this size now.  Look at those eyes! 
Spencer had a roommate come over since his family had just moved away.  This is Adrian, Joe, Tara, me, Mark, Spencer and Magnus in front.  Aren't we a great looking group?  I love Christmas!


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