Monday, August 19, 2013

Glacier National Park

 For our vacation this year we decided to go see friends in Calgary, and visit really cool places on the way.  We started at Glacier National Park.
This is Lake McDonald.  We stayed the night in a little cabin nearby. 
 The next day we drove through the park and stopped at a few places along the way.  This was a little walk to McDonald Falls.  It's beautiful!  Just like the enchanted forest in Vancouver without the masses of people and the humidity.  There were some people that we met along the way.  They were clapping and whooping to scare away the bears.  They claimed to have seen a grizzly, but we saw nothing but ground squirrels.
 On the way to the falls . . . 
 The falls. 
There was pretty scenery all along the way. 
and people who wanted us to take their picture, and they took ours in return.  Super nice people.  It was really fun to meet so many from so many different places! 
This waterfall is coming off the glacier in the background. 
 Here there is a road in the background.  Just above that road is a hiking trail.  I did this trail, and didn't even feel very panicked!
 This is a close up of the trail.
 And Mark on the trail.
 More scenery . . .


Nickell said...

You BLOGGED TODAY!!! And I'm so excited about it I commented on each post. You are welcome.

blauritz said...

I envy you the mentality that takes time to stop and explore the things that you see. I am always in such a hurry to get from here to there. Seldom do I stop to smell the roses. I'm very glad that you did.

Holly Emerson said...

Ahhhh! So beautiful! No Lake Louise? I love the waterfall picture. That's very cool.

Lauritzen Family Blog said...

It's beautiful. I'm so glad you blogged. I liked the Thanksgiving ones too. Yeah, Where is Lake Louise? Probably looks much different than when I was there and it was frozen. There was much snow every where we went. Nice to see it thawed for you. Nice trip.

Sirpa Grierson said...

Gorgeous photos Jeny! It looks like you and Mark are having a marvelous trip. Kate and I were going to Glacier NP on our driving trip in June but it was 45 degrees and raining so we skipped it. Looks like this is the perfect month of the year to be there.