Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving at Heidi's House

This year Tara decided to abandon us for some other family, so we decided to go to Heidi's house and have fun without her. 
I loved the Spencer/Sarah friendship.  The size difference is pretty funny!
Parkinsons do love to play games!  It was just about the only way we could get Rachel to talk, but we did hear words come out of her pretty little mouth! 
There were, of course, moments of great music. 
 And Jason spent most of the time in the kitchen.  He's a really good cook!
 He did get some down time, though.  I like the picture of Mark torturing Sarah outside of the window. :)
 And these girls are the best of friends!!
A lot of time was spent by all snuggling babies . . .  
 and just getting to be good friends.
Here is my favorite thing!  These girls can dance!  If you dare watch this, you will be hearing Sarah do the "eee" thing in your sleep tonight!


mindy said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had by all. It is so rewarding to me to see my family enjoying being with each other. I love you all.

Grandpa Lauritzen

Again, I don't know why this computer thinks I am Mindy.

Holly Emerson said...

Where was I during this song? I have no recollection of the "eee" thing, and it's hilarious! We really did have a blast, and those girls LOVE Spencer.

Parkinson Family said...

This post makes me very happy for a lot of reasons. For one, Spencer's hair is not blue. Also, I love the Mark torturing Sara through the window picture. I didn't take a single picture while you guys were here, so I'm sure glad you did! Just so you know, Mark and Spencer's cups are still on top of my cabinets because I can't reach them, and because it makes me sad to take down my last reminder that family was here. We have to do this more often. So much fun!!!!