Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Today I post Banff.  Glacier National was amazing; Banff and the drive there was better.  Well, once we got out of Calgary anyway.  We took the gondola to the top of the mountain and did a little stair hiking up to a shed made in the 1800s by a man who hiked this mountain over 1000 times to get weather readings.  This was the ride . . .
 . . . And the view from the top.
We were learning new camera things as well, and the zoom is pretty good.  This is the Banff Springs hotel - it's pretty much a castle.  And the color of the water you see here is pretty close to what it really is.  Just a milky pure blue.  Beautiful! 
 Everywhere we went people volunteered to take our picture and we took theirs.  The sun was so bright that my eyes were crying.  Or maybe I was missing my kids.  You choose.
 Again, Mark was playing with the zoom, and got this picture of a mountain Spire.
The Banff hotel - view from the parking lot.  Pretty, eh? (gotta say that because it was Canada.)


blauritz said...

How fun to have someone from our family repeat the ride on the Sulphur Mountain gondola lift. I think the picture of the two of you at the top is taken almost at the exact spot where Mom took a picture of me. Thanks so much for sharing. Really fond memories are brought to the front.

Holly Emerson said...

And I need to go there, too.