Monday, August 19, 2013

Baby Max

My nephew, Max, was born premature a bit before Christmas.  Because his family was driving to CA when mom decided to deliver, we didn't get to see him until he was over a month old.  He was so tiny, that I needed to get pictures to show the tininess.  This is Max
and his brothers, Kade and Tadd.
And this is Max and me.  He's so small!  I tried to get one with Mark, because that's always funnier, but his picture didn't turn out so well. 


Nickell said...

Hey! We made the blog. So honored. And oh my he was so tiny!

Holly Emerson said...

Haha! He I love the last picture the best. Very cute!

Lauritzen Family Blog said...

Really tiny. I wish the one with Mark had worked. I bet that was really amazing. He was very tiny. I like.