Saturday, August 15, 2009

White Rock Beach

We went to the beach on Monday and had fish and chips for lunch. With white vinegar! Very nice!

White Rock beach is just across the border in Canada, and is a pretty nice beach. It is usually quite crowded, but maybe not on a day that ihe temperature only gets up to 68.It was cold, and sprinkled a little bit, so we made a memory. There were all kinds of creatures about, and Spencer collected them. He likes the live creatures, Tara collected the shells they left behind.
Then these crazy people got in the water and swam. So cold! Mark likes to dig at the beach. I'm not sure what he was digging for, but he had fun doing it.

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Amy said...

Is that a real starfish? My boys would love the creepy crawly things, too - especially the crabs!