Friday, August 14, 2009

International Fireworks Competition

On Saturday, August 1, we drove from Mindy's house to Vancouver, BC. The international fieworks competition was underway, and that night was the Chinese display. We checked in to our hotel and took the Sky Train downtown. We noticed that there were more gay couples in the city than we remembered being there. We found out later that night that Vancouver was hosting a gay pride parade that was very well attended. We did not attend. We were there for fireworks.
The fireworks were set off of a barge in English bay, so we went to a nearby beach and watched the sun set. It was just beautiful! And the fireworks show was really amazing. I don't remember ever seeing fireworks that were as impressive. I didn't take any pictures, because I was busy watching the show, so I guess you'll just have to imagine. They were way better than Springville's Art City Days fireworks, which are really very impressive, too.
I love the beach!

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