Friday, August 14, 2009

Mindy and Jason's house

We took a trip to Washington and Vancouver at the beginning of this month. On our way we stopped in Moscow and dropped Tiger off. We got his tank all set up, and tried to find food for him. Kate finally went outside and caught some grasshoppers that were very small and I believe he ate those. Mindy went later to the pet store and found him some meal worms that he really likes. He's cute. I hope Jonah has fun with him for a long time.

We stayed for only one day in Moscow, and went geocacheing for part of that day. Apparently our GPS was off a bit. Jonah, Dylan and I went one way into a very steep, very bushy creek bed and Mark and Megan went another way. When we were about to give up, Jonah found the cache right by the edge of the brush. We didn't even need to go down the creek bed. Yay Jonah! Everyone wanted to see what was in the box, and crowded around.Look carefully at Mindy (white t-shirt) in this picture. She is crooked! Really! Her back is in pretty bad shape and her torso is a bit off center to her hips and legs. She looked miserable! Well, really she looked beautiful as ever, but she looked like she felt miserable. I hope you're feeling better now, Mindy!
They have a pizza place in Moscow that sells huge pizzas. Here is Spencer withi one of his slices. It is so huge that they had to tip the box up to get it through the door when Jason and Mark brought it home! Yum!
Mark, Dylan and I wanted to find one more cache, and this was it. This is a marker placed by the Worthwhile Club in 1938 at the junction of 2 indian trails - the Nez Pierce Trail and the Stevens Trail. Who knew?

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