Sunday, August 16, 2009

Stanley Park Beach, Vancouver, BC

Stanley Park is a 1000 acre park in downtown vancouver. It is on a peninsual that was heavily logged in the early 1800s, then replanted and turned into a park. It has a 5.5 mile trail that goes along the ocean called the seawall, and several very nice beaches near that trail. The kids and I used to take the skytrain to Stanley Park at least once a month in good weather to go to the free zoo, look at the aquarium or go to the beach and play. These pictures are taken on Third Beach. After QE park, we got some KFC (the KFC there gives you a McCains deep and delicious cake with your meal - that's really why we went there. YUMMY!) and had a picnic in the park. We fed most of our fries to the birds so they wouldn't attack us, and because the fries were pretty yucky, then we went crab hunting. Really we could spend all day doing this. SO MUCH FUN!!

Here are a few of the crabs we found. . .

And rocky areas like this are the best for crab hunting.

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