Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Enchanted Forest

Lynn Canyon in North Vancouver is really our favorite place to visit. We have always called it our "Enchanted Forest" because of all the ferns, moss and beauty. It really is an incredible place.

Tara has always wanted to be a fairie. Here she is giving it another try. Still didn't work.

The pool and big rocks. Usually we might attempt to swim, but this day was way too cold. Sad.

Spencer keeps asking me if I looked at the pictures before I posted them (I think he's suggesting that he doesn't look fantastic in all of them.) But he wouldn't let me take his picture EVER, so this is what I have of him from this trip. Sorry Spence. Smile next time.


Grandpa L. said...

Is that the place you took us where we had to walk across the swinging bridge to get there? It is beautiful.

Jeny said...

yes, it is.

mindy said...

I remember that place too. It's a forest out of a fairy tale. Isn't there a little pool that looks bottomless?

Jeny said...

yep, the pool is just on the other side of Spencer on that last picture. People jump into it from the rocks above.