Monday, June 6, 2011

3 New Things Part 3

And the best of all - My New Car!

OK, it's not all that new, but it's new for me.

Yep, I finally got rid of the Exploder. It more or less exploded. Really it just made Mark's temper explode, which is a worse thing than the car actually exploding. Anyhow, this is the result.

It's a 2007, or maybe 2008 Saturn Outlook with a DVD player that has wireless headphones, which is a cool thing. It also does not make anything ping on Mark's car computer testing gizmo, and that made him happy. It has easy to use cruise control, and when I turn the key it turns on. Those are the important things to me. It also can tow the boat. That's the important thing to Mark. We tested that this weekend, and ate the fruits of that test for dinner last night.

PS, I was the only one that caught anything. Again. :)

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mindy said...

Very nice! I love a car that starts when you turn the key!