Monday, June 6, 2011

3 New Things Part 1

SPRING! or maybe summer, but either way, the rain finally stopped, and I have felt some small amount of heat. It's beautiful!

I love the hosta/bleeding heart combination. It's my favorite!

Mark got a firepit, and I got a new patio set with non-ripped seats that people of larger stature do not fall out the bottom of.

It really did stop raining. I just sprayed down the patio, and the pictures were taken in the evening, since that's when I'm here.


mindy said...

It hasn't stopped raining here yet. We finally had two days of sunshine this weekend. The rain sure makes things pretty though. Brings out the wildlife too. The kids found a 5 inch slug this morning on the way to the bus. They find frogs and salamanders. They love it!

Amy said...

Wish you both could send some of your rain here. We are on "stage 2" water restrictions which means we can only water the lawn once a week and then only when it's dark. And I do miss bleeding hearts and hostas. We had them all over in Kentucky.

Saralyn said...

Isn't it so nice to have a green Utah? Everything is really beautiful.
It's so rare... usually everything is dead/dying.
Yay for rain!