Thursday, May 13, 2010

And Last Thursday . . .

Mark decided to go and have a birthday. This was his inferno . . . uh, I mean cake, that we had with the Blairs while watching the worst Lost episode ever. There was so much smoke after he blew out the candles that we had to leave the room. The cake was still good, though.

For his Birthday (and Father's day, and Christmas, and possibly his next 20 birthdays), Mark bought himself a boat, so I bought him a sailors cap. Maybe someday he will graduate to captain. He has to get me to the right location to catch a big fish first, though.
I like Mark!


Holly Emerson said...

Nice hat, Mark! The fire on that cake is impressive! And yes, that was the worst episode of Lost ever.

mindy said...

Jason wants to see a picture of the boat. Fun!