Sunday, June 10, 2012


This past week was Art City Days, which naturally is the most exciting thing to happen to Springville all year long.  (Springville is also known as Art City, because there is a cool old art museum here).  The big finale of Art City Days is the fireworks show that happened last night, and to celebrate this fantastic event, we had a pre-fireworks BBQ.
 Joe, Tara, Holly and Matt and their kids and Jackie and Teddy were here

 As were Spencer, Kelsey, Jason, Mike and Oriah and their cute little Jonathan.
It was a super windy evening, so we did fear they would cancel the fireworks, which would have been a real bummer, but they didn't.  So we all headed to the high school tennis courts and took up our places to watch the show.
 Tara and Joe (silly Joe.)
Jackie and Teddy 
Kelsey and Joe's eyes 
 Jason, Spencer and some of me.  Spencer just had surgery, remember.  I think that's why he looks so happy.  That, and it was cold-ish.
Holly and Chris being super snugly 
 Matt, Leah and Shannon
And Mark and Me.  I like this guy a lot!

The fireworks were spectacular, as usual, made even better by the wind.  The show blew directly over our heads, and dropped hot flaming chunks of ash all around us.  My favorite quotes that came during the show were these:
"You really get the scope of how big fireworks are when you are right in the center of them" -Spencer
"I've never been to a fireworks show that I had to plan out our escape route" - Matt
"I love the sound of cinders rustling through the leaves" -Spencer
Holly had my favorite quote, but my brain is on hold tonight.  When I remember what it was, I will add it to this post.  For now, just imagine Holly saying something super funny, and laugh.

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