Friday, October 15, 2010

Mark's India Excursion

Mark decided to go to India without me. He got home last week, and got Giardia. I think it's payback for not taking me to India. That wasn't very nice!!

Here are some cool India pictures. He says it was a very scary place, and if you look up scary India drivers there are tons of videos to prove that it was pretty scary. But mostly it was India, so it was just cool.

India Friends.

Just about the coolest tree ever.

The topiary garden
And the scary monkey that tried to take Mark's camera.

No, this one is the coolest tree ever.

Mark at the Hindi temple. Notice he is barefoot. Funny!

A monkey statue. He might be one of their gods, Mark isn't sure.


Nickell said...

I'm not sure how I feel about the un-tucked's too weird.

Grandpa L. said...

Strange how what to me seems to be remote corners of the world are now so readily accessible to your generation. I must admit that I have no desire to visit India.

Grandma said...

I don't either. That has never been on my list. Why was he barefoot. Neat trip. What do you get giardia from? water?