Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Fun

Tonight we went to Hobble Creek Canyon to look at and collect leaves. It's a tradition, and with Tara here now I am not allowed to break any traditions. It's a pretty fun one, anyway.

Well, there is a ranch in the canyon right near the campground. We have actually been camping there during a cattle drive and it's quite an experience to be right in the middle of it.

Tonight they were driving the cattle back to their ranch, and again we were right in the middle of it, although this time we were inside a car so it felt less threatening. Here is the video Tara took:

AND, here are a few leaf pictures. We love them!

We like to gather them and bunch them about the house. Mostly above the coat closet. Pretty!


Grandpa L. said...

I must confess that those beautiful fall leaves from the canyons is one thing that I really miss about Utah. Everything here is pretty much just yellow -- aspens. And, I enjoyed hearing Tara mooing along with the cows. Good voice!

mindy said...

Pretty! I love that tradition. We have some beautiful color here too. Jonah and I were sitting in the van waiting for the kids to come out from piano lessons last week. I was reading a book and Jonah said, "Wow it really is fall!" I looked over to see what he was looking at, and across the street there was a HUGE tree with big leaves that were coming down in a shower. It was so cool! It wasn't a windy day, but there must have been a gust up high in the tree, because the shower went on for about half a minute. It did that a couple more times while we were waiting too. I love the fall!