Thursday, January 7, 2010

Remember that Tradition . . . ?

Remember how we make grahm cracker houses and then smash them on New Years Day and eat the candy and get sick? Well, here in Griersonland we have been keeping that tradition alive - until this year. We went to Holly's house on New Year's Day and I fully intended to take the houses and have Tara smash them with Shannon and Leah, but I forgot the houses. So we broke with tradition a little bit and did it on New Years Day plus 2, and Kade got to smash with us also. He had a GREAT time with the smashing, Leah and Shannon had a great time with the candy, and Tara said she felt silly because she's too old for this sort of thing.


Holly Emerson said...

Fun! Kade really did love the smashing. Very cute!

Teresa said...

how fun! I completely forgot the houses this year! i felt like a goob cause we always do houses