Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fun in the Snow

Tara is home for the holidays and will be heading back to school soon. It has snowed a bit since she came, and she made the most of it. She and Melanie decided that since the man who used to make the sculptures is not doing it anymore, they would make their own. Here is some of her snowy fun!
This is what they called their Dragon.

And this is their igloo. When the young, unmarried, somewhat excentric man next door saw them playing in the snow he came right over and helped them build up the mound of snow for the igloo. They "forgot" to get him when they started digging the igloo out a few days later.

Inside their cozy igloo.

Melanie is half way out the door. It's kinda hard to see with the white coat.

Tara handing Melanie her hot chocolate. They spent quite a bit of time in there playing cards and giggling. They giggle a lot.


Teresa said...

how fun! derek is going to be completely jealous when he gets home and sees these.
The dragon is awesome! I love him!

Holly Emerson said...

I can just imagine the giggling. Shannon would have thought that was pretty fun. She loves playing in the snow. They did a great job!

mindy said...

I love the dragon! I thought it was Lou until I noticed the spines down the back.

Lori said...

Ok, I thought the Diaz kids were geeks. JK The dragon is mah-ah-ahvalous! The one picture of Tara looks JUST like you Jeny (of course, don't tell her I said that - she'll be mortified)!