Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Well, he's gone.

So Spencer went into the MTC in Provo today. I'm gong to do this blog in an order that makes sense to me. I'm an emotional woman, so I can do what I want. Mark says I'm a "basket case". Nice. I guess I really am. I am so glad he is going on a mission, but my baby is gone. There are no kids coming home tonight. Sadness.
Anyhow, Here Spencer, Tara and John are packing. Yes, Tara's John. He's back. They aren't very good at packing, are they?

After "packing", we went to the stake center and Spencer was set apart as a missionary. I'm so glad Nickell and Aaron live close! It was very nice to have them there! Spencer thinks they are about the best people ever. Great, more tears!

Nickell brought her house bug over for us to look at after he was set apart. It is a cool bug. I think it's dead now, and I'm not sure what I should do with it. I guess it's gonna get flushed because I sure don't want it crawling back into my house.

We all went to bed pretty early last night, and Spencer slept in for the last time in 2 years. Here he is pretending to sleep for the picture. Cute, isn't he?

We had a fine breakfast and did the last minute packing things. He was very anxious to go!

But we weren't finished with him yet. Mark made him try on his Japan mission tag just to see what a tag will look like. Looks pretty good, I'd say!

Tara did all sorts of gymnastics in her dress to get creative pictures. Nickell has influenced both children in this way.

Then we took some pictures out by the locust tree, since it's so pretty right now.

The kids did one last quick trampoline moment (cute) and Spencer did not even break his arm!

This is Spencer's "We're finally leaving the house" dance. He looks very missionary-ish to me!

Packing the car.

And our last glimps of him before he took off with some elder that is going to Russia in 2 weeks. You just drop them off at the curb now, and they make you drive away out the back side of the MTC. Then, when you discover your son's camera and immunization record on the back seat afterwards, you have to go all the way around to the front again.

And now, whenever she is with us for the next two years, Tara gets the seat behind me. The one with legroom! Wahoo!


Aaron Blair said...

I'm glad that Nickell and I were able to have been there for his setting apart. I wish I could have gone to the Salt Lake temple with you guys. And any time you need some people to hang out with give us a call.

Amy said...

I am so glad he is on his way! Any news on the visa? I want to know how many ornaments you ended up with and did you take a picture of all of them together? I hope the visa thing won't ruin the surprise. And if you really need a kid coming home everyday I will be happy to send Josh! I know, mean mom.

Grandpa L. said...

We are so proud that our buttons are busting. And, JENY, he will be home before you know it. He will be heavier, stronger, more of a man than you can imagine. Be grateful to have had the role you have in his life. He is now going to learn about the reality of life. And, by the way, I am disowning him from my will because I did not get an email from him.

Lori said...

So the bug got set apart too?

Holly Emerson said...

I really wish I could have been there for the setting apart. I love Spencer to death and I miss him already. I am also so proud of him I can't stand it. You had better not be inviting Nickell over all the time and not me. I get jealous, you know.

Jeny said...

Haha, you all are a great family! Thank you! The bug chose to just return to his maker rather than go on the mission. Amy, I didn't get ornaments from you. Did you send them? Also, Lori, I got Tere's, but no other kids, and Kristi I got Nick, but no other kids. Everyone else I did receive and thank you so much!!! his tree is going to be covered!

mindy said...

Jeny, I'm crying sympathetic tears with you. He's so grown up and gone away now! We're very proud of him too. I can't believe you're an empty nester already! Crazy.

Grandma said...

She is not really an empty nester because she still has Tara. She comes home occationally. Hey, what's going on with John? I'm dying to hear. I wish I could have been there too. That is a very bittersweet moment when they walk into the door. We are very proud of him. And of you guys. You'll survive. Love you all.

Jeny said...

Just got it, Amy. I will wait until the last possible moment and take these and all others I get to Katie Rose. She works at the BYU bookstore and can deliver things to the MTC free for me, so send me stuff Lori and Kristi!

Tricia Lauritzen said...

Ahhh. Thanks so much for sharing! I can't believe how big he is! And what's up with John and Tara? I thought that was over?