Sunday, October 11, 2009

The other side of the puzzle . . .

So, do you remember the gigantic puzzle that took me months to finish? This one?

We decided to mount it on a sheet of wood because its kinda pretty and I'm quite proud of it, and display it above the coat closet where nobody will notice it anyway. Actually I decided. Mark just went along. The we (again, that means I) decided that Tara will paint a Christmas snowy scene on the back of the sheet of wood so I can just turn it around for Christmas time. She finally started. Here's what she's done so far.

Isn't the lonely penguin cute? Now you all should comment about how great it looks and what a fantastic painter she is so she will finish it and I can get it out of my family room. Oh, the candy cane man is the north pole. Comment about how you could tell that right away, too.
And another important matter, I have received Mindy's and Heidi's. They are really good. Everyone else get on the ball. Time is running out!


Amy said...

WAY cute! I love the penguin. She is a great painter, right up there with Michelangelo.
PS Mine are on the way!

mindy said...

I do love the painting. Very cute penguin. And I really could tell that the candy cane man was the north pole. Love it so far!

Lori said...

Nice work Tara!

Jeny, I'm a bum! Haven't even started yet, but will get on it this week!

Grandma said...

Very fun for your room. I love it.
I especially like the penquin.