Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spencer's Pirate Training

Spencer has been taking a fencing class at UVU to fill a PE credit needed to get his associates degree next month. He loves it a lot. He has learned the basics of both Foil and Sabre. There was a tournament today where all the members of his class competed against each other and Spencer took first place in both techniques. He beat all 3 of the other class members. He is also at least 12 inches taller than any of the other three, and his arms look about as long as they are tall. I have included here a picture of him resting between bouts, and the video of him winning the last set of the Foil match. This is his winning parry riposte. He's so cute. :)

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Grandpa L. said...

I wonder where the pirate blood comes from? Jeny????