Saturday, April 11, 2009

Grandma Memory Quilt

This is my grandma quilt. I just finished "quilting" it right now. I used yarn, so it is kinda cheating. Right now it is 12:42 am easter morning and I didn't want this in my family room when people come over for dinner tomorrow - I mean today. When Grandma died, I went to her house after everyone had gone through all her stuff and picked out things that reminded me of her to make this fabulously ugly quilt with. She did have some interesting tastes! Included in this quilt are her bathroom towels, sheets, dish towels, the pink chair arm covers, the chicken tea cozy that was on her microwave (top right) and my favorites: the gold and green velvet chairs and the blue and pink housecoat she always wore. It is very, very ugly, but it holds a lot of memories! I can smell the bacon now!


Grandma said...

I love it. It really does make you smell bacon. It isn't really that ugly. What a great idea.

Matthew said...
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Matthew said...

That really was an incredible idea! I hope you have enough scraps to make one for each of us :) and that you recorded the memories associated with each scrap (wouldn't want to leave your grandchildren thinking you just made some random, ugly quilt!)