Friday, July 22, 2011

Grelland Family Reunion 2011 part 2

One day we took a ferry to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. Tara and Kelsy took a plethora of pictures on the ferry ride - almost like they were having picture taking contests. Kelsey won. Nobody can take as many pictures as Kelsey.

Tara took loads of pictures of boats. I think she might like sailboats.

Here are the beauties at the harbor. Tara, Kelsey, Marissa.

Mark wanted to go to the Whale museum. We went into the gift shop and saw the building that housed the whale museum and decided that it might not be all that much fun. So we didn't acutally go into the whale museum.

Here is part of our family waiting for our ferry to take us home. Lively group, eh? We did wear the shorter ones out trying to find geocaches on the island. There was only one that stumped us. Someday I will have to go back and find it.

On reunion day I was a little bit busy doing reunion type things, so I didn't get many pictures. This is geocache team 1. They took their time trying to find the cache and did a thorough job of finding it. They found all sorts of other things as well - mostly stinging nettle.

Team 2, the team I got to run with. We had the fastest time. We also found the stinging nettle. Team 1 chose not to tell us about it until we returned from the hunt. Nice. But we were super fast!

Team 3 includes Aiden. He started with team 1, but they were too slow for him, so he joined team 3. He's pretty cute! This team came in second place, and avoided the nasty plants.

We also played volleyball and soccer in the rain, had a great luncheon and some even braved the lake - swimming and/or canoeing.

And Raef found this super awesome slug.

Afterward we went into the lodge to get out of the rain and enjoy dinner together. Tara enjoyed hanging out with all the boys.

Especially Elliot. I think she has a new boyfriend, n'est-ce pas?

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