Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ice Castles! (Remember that movie? This has nothing to do with it.)

Get ready for some awesome pictures!
These are the Ice Castles in Midway Utah.

For Family Night last Wednesday, Mark, Tara, her friend Jake and I went to Midway to see the Castles.

There is a guy there that builds them every winter with PVC pipe and sprinkler heads.

He just keeps growing them through the end of February,

And it's a pretty cool (and very cold) thing.

Icicles hanging everywhere, around lights, and forming big castle like structures.

Or just looking like skulls with knives sticking out of them.

Nickell, Holly or anyone Utah-ish, if you want to go, let me know and I'll go with you. I thought it was pretty neat.

And this (below) is my favorite picture of all!


Nickell said...

I SO want to go! Let's do it.

Parkinson Family said...

Please, don't let this feeling end...thanks for putting that song in my head...looking through the eyes of love.
You guys have way too much fun without me out there. Maybe I should go see Wicked again and make myself feel better.

Grandma said...

That is really beautiful. I'd love to see it. Who is Jake?