Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I love going back to work. :(

When I got in to work today my desk was all nice and clean. The basket on my desk contained only 2 requests - please get some dusting stuff and packing tape. There were a lot of time cards to enter and that is all. I was so excited! I thought, "Wow, maybe they really don't need me here."

About 15 minutes after I got settled reality hit. Clare (my boss) put a rubbermaid bin on the floor next to my desk filled to overflowing with paperwork, mail, more time sheets, bills, etc. Seriously, it overflowed. I think it's gonna take me a week to get through the bin. Then I can start on the real work.

I just thought I would tell my family that this is how much I love you. I still felt like singing even after 10 straight hours of working my way through the top 3 inches of my bin. Seperate Ways kept me going all day long, and our many many strange family songs. Even Kites are Fun. Maybe tomorrow I'll take a short break to eat something for lunch!

Thanks for all the fun! I love you all!


Teresa said...

I've been singing that song since i left even though i dont care for journey much at all :) I have the coolest/ strangest uncles (and cousins) on the planet :) but if we all weren't so awesomely strange, it wouldn't be so hard to leave :( Why do you live so far aunt jeny?!?!?!

Amy said...

"See my kite, it's green and white, laughing in it's distant fli-i-i-ight". You just had to bring that up, now I can't get it out of my head.