Monday, June 7, 2010

Provo River and Jordanelle Reservoir

Mark and I had a fun weekend. Kinda weird, but fun. We went camping without any kids. Haven't done that in over 20 years! So we sat around the camp fire and twiddled our thumbs. Just kidding! We went to Jordanelle Reservoir because Mark heard the fishing was great there. I guess we don't know what we are doing, because we caught nothing. I didn't see anyone else catching anything either, so I don't feel so bad.
Here is Mark's little boat. We keep it stored in the garage. When he drives it he sits on top of the seat back. That's how little it is. According to our handy dandy geocaching GPS, top speed is 36.1 MPH. Perfect!

It's been snowing here up until last Tuesday. Saturday's high was about 90, and today it got up to 85. This is not so great for flooding. Many places near Salt Lake have flooding issues right in town. The Provo River is more full than I have ever seen it, and there are a lot of logs and other debris in the reservoir. Here are some pictures and a video of that fun.
There are 2 pelicans in this photo. As soon as they heard the beep of the camera turning on, they decided to fly away.

The flooded Provo River - just above the reservoir.

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