Sunday, February 14, 2010

She's OLD now!

Tara came home Friday night and we started celebrating her 21st then. We had dinner at Tucanos, a Brazilian barbecue place that serve lots and lots of meat. It's her favorite place. She likes it even more than Tepanyaki. Nickell, Aaron and Kade joined us and it really was delicious. One of our servers served his mission in Brasilia 5 years ago, so we talked to him a little bit and he told Mark how to spell the stuff we were eating so he could email that crucial information to Spencer. After dinner they sang to Tara and made her stand up and dance. Kade thought it was the greatest thing ever.

Saturday morning Mark and Tara woke early and left for Sundance ski resort. Tara thinks she likes to snowboard more than ski, so she and cousin Mike did that, and Mark and Uncle Dave skied. I think the Olympics in Vancouver have inspired Mark to take up skiing again. This is the second time this year for him! They came home extra worn out, snow burned and happy.

Tara Snowboarding

Mark and Cousin Mike

Then all sorts of friends and family came over for a little party for her last night. There was lots of food, the Olympics for those who cared, lots of fun and games. She requested cheesecake since we all agree that cake isn't that good, and since the candles were forgotten yet again (have we ever had candles?) we improvised by using the number 2 candle from her 2nd birthday and the number 7 candle from Spencer's 7th birthday with part of the top cut off so it looked more like a 1. Now she's officially 21.

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Lori said...

Is that chocolte cheesecake I see? I cannot BELIEVE you didn't invite me!