Thursday, December 10, 2009

grahm cracker houses

Here we are the Saturday after Thanksgiving making our grahm cracker houses. The only reason I can come up with for all the sad faces would be that Spencer isn't there. But we really did have fun making them!
Here we have Matthew, Tara, Brock and Holly working hard to make a masterpiece.

Mom/Grandma making her house. Notice the frosting on the chin. Still the same mom!

Kristi decorating and solving the problems of the world.

Happy, lovely Becca. This is going to be her favorite picture ever!

Matthew didn't want to watch the BYU game. This seemed the lesser of the evils. And we made him do it.

Tara just looking confused.

Mark loves these girls and they love him!

Here is how the manly men make their houses. They DON'T! Bumms! (Mark did make a house. He spread frosting on the top, unwrapped a lollipop and stuck it in the frosting. He calls it "Ode to riding in the backseat of the van". Dad/Grandpa drove us up to Holly's house.)

And our houses - so much fun! We really did have a good time, I just caught everyone in a grumpy moment.


mindy said...

You know, if I had been there, nobody would have been grumpy! =) Or were you all just trying to look like you weren't having too much fun without the rest of us? Wish we could have gone too!

Jeny said...

That's what it was! we were looking grumpy in the pictures only for everyone else's sake!