Thursday, February 12, 2009

Puzzle of Death

I haven't done much for this blog lately and here is the reason why. This is what I got for Christmas, and I have been working on it since Christmas. I figure I'll be finished in about 13 years, so Spencer and Tara's kids can help me put in the last peices. This puzzle is 5000 peices, and it is on a slab of pressboard - the whole slab. When I started, the pieces were stacked 3 high and the outside edge took me 2 movies to complete - about 4 hours. Crazy!

This will be my next project, and I smile whenever I think of it. Matt and Amanda sent me this for Christmas, along with the most cool ornaments ever made! This is a puzzle (they know me well) with the box painted black so I can't see the picture. Isn't it funny?!? I love it!!!


Parkinson Family said...

Oh, my goodness, Jeny. If you are that bored, come live with me please! I have so much for you to do if you like painting and electrical work.

Holly Emerson said...

I really need to come help you with that. And that is the most perfect Christmas present for you ever!

Teresa said...

What a good idea to black the box. When Derek gets a little bigger he will have to do puzzles wth you. They are his favorite. He's now working on the 100 piece puzzles and is very happy that he doesnt have to do the baby puzzles anymore :)