Thursday, November 20, 2008

Flat Stanley

On Saturday we got a letter in the mail from Josh Payne's elementary school. Inside was a paper doll and the following letter (please forgive any mistranslations):

Dear Aunt Jenny,

Weve been reading a book called Flat Stanley. He had many adventu(res) and was flattened by a bulletin board. I am mailing you a
flat Stanley to have an adventure with you. Can you deco(rate) him with a face, (hair), and clothes? When he returns I look forward to learning about his trip. I would love you to send back pictures. Any extra details would be exellent.

Love, Josh

Tara's reaction was frighteningly enthusiastic. she ran upstairs and grabbed the materials needed to clothe Stanley and worked on him all the way to the Gingerbread Festival.
We had a lot of fun with him there.

The Adventures continued when we went to lunch! Then he helped us pick out clothes for Tara, which got really boring.He made gingerbread cookies and hand turkeys for John (yes, Tara's John),

and he picked out a movie for usOverall, he had a pretty boring day with the Griersons.


Teresa said...

that is so great, but I sure am glad that a child came up with flat stanley and not spencer... I was a little woried... :)

jenylyng said...

He also went to work with me (ooooh fun!) and to the Provo temple and MTC. The missionaries thought I was nuts, but they're missionaries so they have to be helpful!

Teresa said...

So is it like a school project thing? That is so fun! Derek would have made him go everywhere.

Matt, Holly, and Shannon Emerson said...

Why did you go to the MTC? Flat Stanley was a lot of fun to hang out with. I miss him.

jenylyng said...

because it's across the street from the temple, and stanley has never been there.

Amy said...

I am so glad you took him to the temple!!! I can't wait for the pictures to arrive. Josh is so excited to see him again and hear about his adventure!

Parkinson Family said...

Josh is going to be thrilled! You guys did such a great job with Stanley.

Tricia Lauritzen said...

You guys are awesome! I'll have to remember to involve you in any projects my kids have.

Lori said...

Love Flat Stanley, but tell Spencer he's slackin'! It's been 5 days since the last post -- we need some new stuff (I know, pretty sad that this is the excitement in my life, but it is!!).